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Overview of Vikasatarangini


A 'Service Wing' totally dedicated to the Individual development and Social Service Activities under the direct guidance of
HH Sri Sri Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji


Vikasatarangini is a Service Wing of HH Sri Swamiji's Mission and it works under the Divine guidance of HH Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji. It is an opening to those who volunteer to serve society with a motto "Serve all beings as Service to God". The activities of Vikasatarangini include offering various services during natural calamities like cyclones, floods, earthquakes etc., and also during special occasions for Public Welfare. Upliftment of poor and downtrodden, Literacy Programmes, environmental protection programmes, Medical Services, Free Veterinary camps, Free medical camps, Tree Plantation programmes, encouragement of poor and meritorious students, educating people in remote areas etc. are some of the activities, to name a few. There are more than thousand branches of Vikasatarangini spread all over Bharath and also in other countries like US, Australia, UK etc.

The main objectives of Vikasatarangini are

1. To promote righteous living based on philosophic foundations.

2. To facilitate understanding among the various sections of the society.

3. To plan and implement individual development projects.

4. To extend service to poor and needy.

5. Environmental Protection.

6. Protection of plants and animals.

Similarly, volunteers did a remarkable service in the cyclone and flood-affected areas of Konaseema. Volunteers have participated in many cyclone and flood relief activities especially in Andhra. They participated in preparing, packing and distributing food material, clothes, utensils, lamps, cooking vessels, rice and other grains etc.

So far :-

a. 645 General Health Camps conducted 1,75,000 people got benefit.

b. 425 Eye Camps conducted, about 1,25,000 people benefitted.

c. 490 Dental Camps conducted, above 85,000 people benefitted.

d. 789 Veterinary Camps conducted, treatment to > 2 lakh cattle.

e. 1260 Health Education Camps directly educating >30 lakh rural people.

f. Many programmes for tree planting, >5 lakh tree plantings conducted.

are a few of the services since 2001. Currently many such services are ‘on’ in different areas. The two messages, "Serve all beings as service to God" and "Worship your own - Respect All" are the guiding principles driving VT volunteers. YOUR ENCOURAGEMENT INSPIRES US.


The volunteers of Vikasatarangini have done yeoman service at Sri Maha Vishnu Yagam conducted at Tirumala for the sake of "World Peace". Nearly 10,000 volunteers worked day and night for 12 days and attended to the needs of 100,000 people every day.

A number of Veterinary Camps were organised during which free medical checkup and treatment were done and medicines were also given freely to the farmers. In each camp, doctors treated hundreds of cows, buffaloes etc. They also trained farmers in taking various health measures for the cattle. HH Sri Swamiji blessed many such camps conducted by these Vikasatarangini members and explained the importance of treating those dumb and domestic animals with Love.

Arogya Vikas:

Teams of doctors are working in various remote areas providing free medical assistance and health education. In addition to allopathic medicine other medicines like Ayurveda, Homeopathy and other complementary methods like Acupressure etc., were being used. A number of Dental camps have been organised specially in many schools and villages. A number of health awareness training programmes were organised by Vikasatarangini volunteers. Any method that yields best result without any side affects is taken and is applied in its area of operation. Homeopathy training camps are being conducted. Acupressure and flower therapy training camps have been conducted and the trained volunteers are serving wonderfully in many rural and urban regions too with very good response from the public.

These are only a few examples of the diversified activities of Vikasatarangini. HH Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji believes that devotion and service go together and spirituality empowers one with dedication, strength and health to render the needed service for the sake of the society. Spiritually sound people will have great moral courage, practical wisdom and tremendous working energy irrespective of their age or status. There are a number of occasions when Vikasatarangini volunteers have participated in serving the poor and needy, specially in far remote areas and backward areas. Vikasatarangini is now marching ahead with a number of social service activities.

Krishnam Vande: Jagadgurum

A programme conducted in the midst of summer 2001 in 10 selected places starting from Warangal. The most amazing thing is that in all the 10 places, there were minimum three rains, pacifying the agitating minds with cool showers of Divine !

During this programme, people joined together and chanted Na:ma:s ( Names) from Sri Vishnu Sahasranama Sthothram and picked a grain of rice for each chanting. HH Sri Swamiji said that each grain so collected is filled with the Divine Power. People from more than one thousand villages participated in each place and all such grains collected in Kalasa:s (Pots) were brought to a place on the final day. So:bha: ya:thra, a procession was conducted by HH Sri Swamiji, passing through the main centres of the place. The Kalasa:s were filled with sacred waters and Sahasra Kalasabhishekam was done to Lord Krishna. Prasadam was prepared with that collected rice and was distributed to all. During the programme, free veterinary camps and medical camps were conducted and also discourses on Bhagawad Githa, Upanishads etc. were organised in their local areas. People belonging to all classes of the society joined together and organised the programme very well. It is a programme done for the sake of good to all. A prayer was offered to Lord Krishna, to make every one spiritually strong, do their duties well, stand united and walk on the righteous path, for the welfare of the society. There was an overwhelming response from all sections of people. They worked together breaking the barriers of caste, creed, group etc. More than 11000 villages were involved in this programme blessed by HH Sri Swamiji.


Gi:tha:mrutha Di:ksha:

In continuation to Krishnam Vande: Jagadgurum Programme, Starting from HH Thirunakshathram day, till Dec 26 ie., Vaikuntta E:ka:dasi day, a programme called "Gi:tha:mrutha Di:ksha" has been conducted in many parts of the world. Every morning, exactly at 6.00 AM one has to chant the five common slokas chosen from Bhagawadgitha and just one sloka allotted to that group/area. Like that, all the 700 Slokas will be chanted during that time by all the groups throughout. One has to take an oath, recite sankalpa, that, this is being done, for the sake of the good to our family, our society, our state and the whole world. May all live in peace and happiness. May God make all of us realise and serve him better and better. There was an overwhelming response from people all over. A number of devotees from different regions of the globe responded to this call and conducted this programme tuning to the noble ideal of "Universal Well Being". From US, from Australia, From UK and other places devotees responded. This proved that there is commitment in majority of people for a good cause. Let it not be hidden or ignored, let it come out and shine, so that, every one will reap the benefits of it. Prayer has power. Bhagawadgitha is the voice of Lord Krishna told for the well being of one and all. Due to HH Sri Swamiji's grace, we are all once again blessed to take part in such a great programme.


Githa Jyothi:

This programme was launched on April 12th 2002 from Tirumala, the abode of Lord Venkateswara. The main aim of the programme is to convey the two messages 1) Worship your own respect all 2) Serve all beings as service to God, to more than 2 crore people. These two wonderful messages are the urgent needs of the society. People, especially ... the so called ' elite' , in the name of development, technology, modernism etc., are getting diverted from the path of righteousness and are
1) fighting for the superiority and power using the name of caste, creed, race, group, colour etc.
2) hybridising animals and plants and destroying the original breeds in the name of ' more production '.
3) polluting environment, air, water , in excess, in the name of technology and industries..
4) trying to suppress others and establish their supremacy with the power of money and authority, in the holy name of religion
5) practicing and encouraging unhygienic, self destroying, methods & businesses in the name of modern culture and fashions.
6) misleading the civilians, the masses, with the biased and wrong history about this mankind.
7) implicitly supporting immoral and unlawful activities.

Every person started to think, what maximum benefit can he get from the society, how best he could deceive the society and the system to fulfill his selfish motives, rather than thinking what best he can do to keep the society healthy and peaceful. To make this understand, to make people realise, to educate people, to make public aware of the impending danger to the basic human values and moral values in the society, due to the negligence and ignorance of native heritage and culture of this country, to make people live in harmony and peace respecting each other and also to lead them in the path of service to the noble cause, Vikasatarangini under the direct guidance of HH Sri Swamiji started the programme called " Githa Jyothi ".

People who are inspired for this noble cause, who are dedicated for the social service are being motivated and deployed by Vikasatarangini to spread the message of Peace and Harmony, among masses. Such volunteers are constantly on work, knocking every door, inspiring public to adopt the above said two noble principles to lead a peaceful life and thus build a peaceful society. People from atleast 108 villages who received this message and got inspired, will assemble at a place and take an oath that they serve together irrespective of their caste, creed, religion etc., for the noble cause of the Universal welfare of society. Such a selected place is called "Dharmakshethram". HH Sri Swamiji graced His Divine presence and blessed the public with the right knowledge and the Divine strength to be successful in their noble endeavour. Till now more than 200 Dharmakshethrams were already formed in Andhra Pradesh state. More than 2,00,000 to 2,50,000 people atleast are receiving the Githa Jyothi message from each Dharmakshethram. Already 30 Dharmakshethram programmes were successfully initiated, crossing the target set, thus, Vikasatarangini is marching ahead to make a peaceful society to live in.

Free Health camps are being conducted for people and specially Free dental and vision checkup & treatment camps are being conducted for children. Thousands of people are being educated in primary health care and also were being freely treated and medicines were also being freely distributed. Free Veterinary camps are being conducted for the welfare of the domestic animals. Thousands of cattle are being treated for their good health and proper care. Medicines were being freely distributed due to the highly active participation of the local people, groups and organisations.

On this occasion of Dharmakshethram programme, local artist groups in various village arts are being encouraged to develop their skill and they were given due importance for public performance to make everybody realise their value and role in accomplishing harmonious living of the society. People are being enlightened with the wonderful messages of HH Sri Swamiji. People are filling their hearts with these inspiring messages, understanding their real motive and they are implementing them in their lives, trying to build a peaceful society, in service of the Divine Lord Supreme.


For feedback/comments, please contact acharyawebteam AT gmail DOT com