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Overview of Vikasatarangini



Founder HH Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji inaugurated the Van on 15th Oct 2007 that is equipped with the mammogram, ultrasound and other hitech equipment that will help to diagnose the cancer patients in the early stages.

The Project was launched on the field from 22nd Oct 2007 from the district of Warangal, from a village called Bhattupalli. With the inspiration of service to the social cause, off the call given by the founder, Vikasa Tarangini volunteers have taken up this task of taking the information door to door, of how dangerous is the cancer and how to take preventive measures. They are educating people about the disease and suggesting the preventive measures. People are being tested for various types of cancers, specially the breast cancer which is more significantly found in many people as per the records of the world famous Cancer Institutes. Surprisingly on the first day itself, as many abnormal cases as 40 were found after testing 103 persons.

The medical van was provided by the NRI hospitals for daily use along with a few technicians. Doctors having expertise in this field, motivated by VT to work in the rural areas in service to the society, are taking active part in making the programme highly successful. All the team is running the van to the rural areas. Mainly the VT volunteers are doing yeomen services by contacting one to one, in explaining the people and educating them, about the disease problems and its symptoms with the pamphlets and handouts published for distribution by the reputed Cancer Institutes. Volunteers are spreading the message of preventive measures to the people. Avoiding the use of tobacco products, alcohol products, toxic drugs etc., in any size or amounts, following hygienic measures in food and habits etc., immediately contacting the doctor for any neglected or sudden abnormality, extra growth pains etc., in the body and so on are being briefed up by the volunteers.

Tests and Diagnosis with the equipment gives the preliminary information of the abnormality. The positive cases shall be referred to the hospital for confirmation tests and required treatment. The so found cases are being sent to NRI hospital Guntur and two Government Hospitals, that have accepted to provide free treatment to the best possible extent. Volunteers are encouraging everyone to take up the tests, specially the women, for, there are many cases being found positive ! Early detection and treatment shall make the patient quickly recover and lead a normal life. If not, as the disease enters into later stages, it becomes increasingly difficult to save the patient, inspite of using the best treatment from the best doctors.

The details of the patients who were being diagnosed are also being recorded in the database for easily providing the information, care and guidance to the patients and also for studying the trend of the disease. Every day about 100 to 150 members are being tested with the continuous endeavour of 5 doctors and 10 technicians on the field. 30+ VT Volunteers are on the project of creating awareness about the deadly disease.

Organisations, doctors and experts having experience in dealing with the Cancers shall come forward to volunteer and extend their services and share their knowledge and experience to make the VT endeavours serve the purpose better.

Vikasa Tarangini is striving strong to serve the society.under the constant driving inspiration and guidance of the founder. One VT Medical Van is working on the field to treat ALL people in the chosen areas. Along with the cancer detection and care, regular health care doctors are also in the team to guide, educate and provide immediate treatment if necessary, to the rural people. The project is being supported by the generous philanthropists and the dedicated hearts who are inspired by the projects of Vikasa Tarangini.

The pilot project launched is now working in the 4 mandals of the Warangal district under the able leadership of Vikasa Tarangini - Warangal Volunteers. There is a dire necessity to have many such facilities to reach and serve the rural people. The pilot project is going to take a full drive in near future with the support of the noble hearts and also the organisations that are working for the similar cause.

For feedback/comments, please contact acharyawebteam AT gmail DOT com